Privacy Policy is aware that it is important to protect the privacy of the readers who visit our website. We respect your privacy and thank you for trusting us. We are committed to full transparency about what information is being collected about you, how it is being used, and with whom it is being exchanged.

This privacy policy will be relaxed whenever you use our website, mobile or tab or any online service. This will not apply to data collected by in any other way. By using this website, it is assumed that you agree to this privacy policy. We want you to be aware of our privacy policy in order to understand our views on your information.

The information we collect:-

We gather information from readers, with the help of different organizations and directly through websites and mobile applications. When you register for a service, you may have to provide various personal information. These include name, age, gender, phone number, email and where you live, ip address etc.

We will collect some information about your computer’s internet connection. This includes your ip address. However, it does not reveal your personal identity. We also collect all the information that your computer or mobile tells us. Information is collected about what computer or phone you use, what browsers you are surfing, browser language, ip address, your location, what url you used, mobile carrier, etc.

Even if you don’t create an account, we get different information when you use the website. Using the information, we can better serve the news you like. This information can be used the calculate how many people are coming to the site. This information can be used by the advertiser for any advertisement etc.

How we collect information:-

  1. Join us when you register.
  2. When you browse the website, or reply to any of our emails.
  3. When you comment on any news on the website or contact us by phone, email.
  4. When you register with us through a third party. By doing this you are giving them the right to share some information with us. At the same time giving us the right to collect, store and use information in accordance with the privacy policy.
  5. We collect information from third party tools, browser cookies and web beacons for the convenience of users.

Cookie policy, pixels and tracking:-
A cookie is a small text file that contains a small amount of information. When you visit a website, the information is downloaded to your computer or mobile. When you visit that website or its affiliate website again, they recognize that cookie. Your device is linked to the website and the information stored in the cookie that the website may know.

Cookies are used for your convenience. You do not have to re-state your information, likes and dislikes. We can find out what news you want to read through cookies. By analyzing how customers are using the website, we strive to make their browsing experience smoother. You can set a policy to use or exclude cookies by going to browser settings. Most browsers accept cookies but you can change that by going to settings. There is no way to differentiate between the information that cookies and web beacons collect from.

How this information is used:-

  1. To send you a newsletter or other service email to provide the service you want.
  2. In order to communicate with you that we can offer a variety of communication, online surveys, legal notice, etc, for the reasons given new phicarera knowledge. You may decide to trun off this email service if you wish.
  3. This information may be used to send you special discounts or ads to show you the right ads.
  4. The information we receive from you is researched to better understand our readers. We are always trying to figure out how to serve you better.
  5. To protect the rights of our services necessary to protect the legal rights of our services, your personal information may be used. At the same time, this information may be used to protect the interests of our council and the staff involved in that work.

Your information may also be used for any other purpose after obtaining your permission.

How this information is shared:-

  1. Login via Social Media If you log in through a social media account, we can share any information about you with them. How that social media website will then use your information will depend on their privacy policy and your account settings.
  2. In order to communicate with you that we can offer a variety of communication, online surveys, legal notice, etc., for the reasons given new phicarera knowledge. You may decide to turn off this email service if you wish.
  3. Business Partners We may share this information with our business partners in order to serve you.
  4. We may share your information with various hosting vendors, advertising service providers, list managers. We can also share information about any subscriptions to complete the process.
  5. We may share your personal information with others in the interests of our services and those who work with us in the interests of our services, as required by law. We can also share information if there is a legal obligation. If government agencies want any special information, we provide it in certain cases.
  6. Affiliates We may exchange information with our affiliate companies and business partners.

Links to other sites:-

We are not responsible for the protection or confidentiality of any information collected by those websites that may link to our services outside of our control. Be careful in this regard and all website privacy terms should be carefully considered.

You can exchange personal information:-

You can modify your personal information by signing in to the website. If you request, we will close your account and remove any information that others may see as soon as possible. However, we will collect the necessary information from any inactive account to comply with the law. In addition, we will collect your information to prevent any illegal activity, in order to reduce the Terms of Use. Your information may also be used in the event of a court order or order from a government agency, a potential violation of national or international law. At the same time, your information may be used to protect the interests of the company, its directors, employees and the general public, in order to investigate any attempt to harm the website, to handle any technical or security costs. At the same time, we will take legal action if any third party asks for any information.

You want to opt out:-

If we have your email ID, we can keep you informed about our products, services and events. If you do not want to be updated on news and services related to the company, you can unsubscribe. At the same time you can also inform by email that you do not need any information. However, withdrawal of consent will not be able to provide all services and benefits. We will try to update your preferences as soon as possible. However, if you opt out of the email list, it will not be possible to delete previous information from our affiliate, franchise, etc. database.

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